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Trading Tournaments

Prove you’re the Best Trader – Win prizes Risk Free

About the contest

Trading contests are a great way for traders to test their skills and strategies in a competitive environment, without risking real money. JPPro is excited to launch JPPro Tournaments, a series of trading contests, with awesome prizes that will push contestants to their best. Are you up for the challenge?

All Assets Battle

It’s the ultimate trading battle, a high-paced trading competition with all of JPPro trading instruments: Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and more.
The battle is intended to take place once a quarter and runs for 3 months.

Compete with traders from all over the world

The registration is free, the contest accounts are virtual – the prize is real.

JPPro Tournaments

Contest account

Upon registration you will receive access to a new MT5 Demo account with $50,000 starting balance and leverage up to 1:500.

In addition to trading directly from MT5, you are also able to access and trade the account from your web browers without installation required.

The Rules

The registration is opened for JPPRo account, you can trade all products available on the MT5 platform, including: Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and more. You can also trade on your we browsers as long as using your MT5 demo contest credentials. All strategies allowed. Your account will be disqualified from the contest in the event of a margin call or if your account balance drops below 50% of the initial balance.

The Winners

The 10 contestants with the highest final equity, including floating P/L, at the end of the contest will be declared as winners, ranked from 1 to 10 by their relative profitability.

The Prizes

The 10 winners in each contest will be eligible for a prize in the real trading account according to their final ranking. The prize will be credited into each winner real accounts and will be free for use or withdrawal without any conditions.

Resources to help you stay ahead of the game

Economic Calendar

Check Economic Calendar to see what major events are expected during the period of the contest..

Markets Scanner

If you have not followed the market lately, try Market Scanner, a very cool feature that shows you at a glance the big movers in the market.

Markets Insights

Check out our latest markets comments from our market specialists to stay as close as possible with the trending markets.