You can trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on indices that are popular and traded in Europe, Asia, and America.
SymbolDescriptionLong swapShort swapCurrencyContract SizeLeverageMinimum VolMaximum Vol
AUS200.spotAustralia ASX 200-4.729-3.783AUS101:2000.01100
CHNIND.spotChina Enterprises Index-10.69-9.38USD101:2000.01100
EU50.spotEuro Stoxx 50-1.63-1.31EUR101:2000.01100
FRA40.spotFrance CAC 40-2.75-9.81EUR101:2000.01100
GER30.spotGermany DAX 30-12.342-11.657EUR101:2000.01100
HKIND.spotHongKong Hang-Seng Index-12.73-10.87HKI101:2000.01100
ITA40.spotItaly MIB 40-8.454-6.763EUR101:2000.01100
JAP225.spotJapan Nikkei 225-9.21-7.43JPY101:2000.01100
SPA35.spotSpain IBEX 35-5.934-4.747EUR101:2000.01100
UK100.spotUK FTSE 100-5.04-5.01GBP101:2000.01100
US100.spotUS Nasdaq 100-5.43-4.89USD101:2000.01100
US30.spotUS Dow Jones 30-23.654-20.432USD101:2000.01100
US500.spotUDi S&P 500-3.21-2.12USD101:2000.01100

What is Indices

The world indices serve as a barometer for the changes in the prices of a specific group of securities.

Essentially, the stock exchange index is a collective term used for a group of shares that share a common basis. Trading indices is similar to opening positions on the courses of multiple stocks all at once. The crucial aspect of indices is identifying the precise stocks or bonds that make up the index.

The group of shares included in the spot index value calculation determines the information that can be inferred by monitoring the dynamics of its course. The fundamental objective of world indices is to provide investors with a powerful indicator that describes the trend of companies’ quotes in a particular industry.

Monitoring the trends of significant indices can help determine the impact of specific events on the value of securities. However, during the trading of indices, it should be noted that the reaction to published economic news may not correspond with expectations and forecasts.

When oil prices increase, one would naturally expect a rise in the shares of oil companies. However, the growth rates of different stocks may vary and some may not react to such news at all.

In this case, the spot index serves as a tool for traders to grasp the general trend of the market segment without having to analyze the positions of many different companies.

By observing and trading indices, traders can gain insights into how different sectors of the economy trade relative to one another. At JPPRO, we offer the trading of CFD on major indices, which allows traders to profit from both upward and downward price movements.

Trading indices is popular among JPPRO traders because of the comprehensive terms, precise quotes from multiple suppliers, and versatile analytics.

However, in order to understand the behavior of an index, one needs to pay attention to corporate news of each of the included companies and events that impact the industry as a whole.

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