You can trade Cryptocurrency CFDs with the leading FX broker in the world and take advantage of fast order execution and low spreads.
SymbolDescriptionLong swapShort swapCurrencyContract SizeLeverageMinimum VolMaximum Vol
BTCUSDBitcoin vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD11:200.1500
DSHUSDDash vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD101:200.1500
ETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD11:200.1500
LTCUSDLitecoin vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD101:200.1500
XMRUSDMonero vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD11:200.1500
ADAUSDCardano vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD100001:200.1500
DOTUSDPolkadot vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1001:200.1500
AVXUSDAvalanche vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1001:200.1500
MTCUSDPolygon Matic vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD10001:200.1500
XLMUSDStellar vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD100001:200.1500
LNKUSDLink vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1001:200.1500
BCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD101:200.1500
XRPUSDRipple vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD10001:200.1500
AXSUSDAxie Infinity vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD101:200.1500
DOGUSDDogecoin vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD100001:200.1500
SHBUSDShiba Inu vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD100000001:200.1500
VETUSDVeChain vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD100001:200.1500
UNIUSDUniswap vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1001:200.1500
ALGUSDAlgorand vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD10001:200.1500
THTUSDTheta vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1001:200.1500
TRXUSDTron vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD1000001:200.1500
BNBUSDBinance coin vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD11:200.1500
SOLUSDSolana vs US Dollar-20%-20%USD11:200.1500

What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are decentralized and were designed to be used as a medium of exchange. They provide traders with a new investment avenue that is not dependent on intermediaries like rating agencies or governments.

This means that factors like market demand and relevant news play a significant role in determining price movements in the cryptocurrency market.

JPPRO provides its clients with the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies as Contract for Differences (CFDs) in pairs with USD.

Select your preferred cryptocurrency CFD, open either a long or short position, and take advantage of any changes in price trends.

Other CFDS

Expand the variety of assets in your investment portfolio by trading CFDs on markets beyond Forex.